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October 17th, 2016

Natelli Communities recently discovered that an individual named Fred H. Berger, who sometimes goes by the name of “Fred Natelli”, created an entity called “Natelli Construction Group, LLC” on or about September 1, 2015, and that this entity provides construction services in the market area served by Natelli Communities, a real estate development and construction firm in the mid‐Atlantic region, and its related entities.

Neither Natelli Construction Group, LLC nor Fred H. Berger are in any way related to or affiliated with Natelli Communities Limited Partnership (commonly known as Natelli Communities), Natelli Communities, LLC, Natelli Communities, Inc., Natelli Homes LLC, Main Street Homes, LLC or any other Natelli entity. Fred H. Berger is not related to Thomas A. Natelli or the Natelli family, nor does it appear that Fred H. Berger has legally changed his name to “Fred Natelli”.

Natelli Communities has reason to believe that Fred H. Berger is attempting to trade on the good name of Natelli Communities and the Natelli Family.

Please be advised that you are not dealing with Natelli Communities or other entities owned by or affiliated with Thomas A. Natelli or the Natelli family if you have entered into contractual agreements or other arrangements for construction or other services with Natelli Construction Group, LLC, Fred H. Berger or “Fred Natelli”. Kindly be advised that Natelli Communities and its related entities are not responsible for any debts, obligations or liabilities incurred by Natelli Construction Group, LLC, Fred H. Berger or “Fred Natelli”.

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