On behalf of all our employees at Natelli Communities, we are proud to be the presenting sponsor ($10,000) of The Frederick County (MD) Public Library Summer Challenge for the third year in a row.

“We believe the Summer Reading Challenge plays a significant role in the development of reading skills for school children in Frederick and we are honored to be in a position to provide continuing support,” said Michael Natelli, Executive Vice President of Natelli Communities.

“Natelli Communities is a BIG part of Summer Challenge’s success,” said Jessica El-Zaftawy, Development Officer at Frederick County Public Libraries.  “With their support, we can offer the best possible library programs to the people in our community and spark excitement for reading and learning – thank you!”

Here are some of the ways reading programs benefit our children:

  1. Prevents Summer Slide: Summer slide refers to the loss of skills and knowledge that students experience over the summer months when they are out of school. The reading challenge encourages continuous reading, keeping students engaged and helping them to maintain their reading skills during the summer break.
  2. Builds Reading Confidence: By setting achievable goals and rewarding success, the challenge boosts children’s confidence in their reading abilities. This can increase their enjoyment of reading and make them more likely to engage in it as a lifelong habit.
  3. Develops Reading Comprehension: By exposing children to a variety of books, the reading challenge can improve their reading comprehension skills. Reading different types of books encourages children to understand and interpret different kinds of text, improving their overall comprehension.
  4. Expands Vocabulary and Knowledge: Reading a wide variety of books exposes children to new words, ideas, and concepts, helping to expand their vocabulary and general knowledge.
  5. Promotes Reading as a Leisure Activity: By making reading fun, the challenge encourages children to see reading not just as a school task, but as a rewarding leisure activity. This promotes a positive attitude toward reading that can foster a lifelong love of books.
  6. Community Engagement: The library reading challenge often fosters a sense of community among participating children. They share their progress, exchange book recommendations, and often participate in related events, encouraging peer learning and shared enthusiasm.
  7. Supports Diverse Interests: The challenge allows children to read books that they choose themselves, which supports diverse interests and individual learning paths. It encourages students to explore topics they are passionate about, further fueling their engagement and interest in reading.
  8. Encourages Parental Involvement: Such programs often encourage parents to get involved, creating a supportive environment for children’s reading at home. Parents can assist their children in selecting books, reading with them, and discussing the books afterward, strengthening parent-child bonds and supporting the child’s learning.

By encouraging children to keep reading throughout the summer in an enjoyable and rewarding way, programs like the Frederick County, Maryland Public Library Summer Reading Challenge can play a crucial role in supporting literacy development and fostering a lifelong love of reading.

  • How to sign up: You can sign up online or in person by visiting your local library. Then, log your reading using our printable reading log or the library’s Beanstack app. You can earn a ticket for each day you read and exchange tickets for a chance to win awesome prizes.
  • Looking for more info: Check out our Summer Challenge website for tons of details, events, and exciting updates.

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